The wonders of Wikipedia

Wikipedia: a godsend for some and a swear word for others, especially in the academic world. Although the nature of Wikipedia makes me wary of using it as a source when I’m doing research for a paper, it’s a good starting point to get an idea of a certain subject. When I’m looking something up […]

Digital Collections and Exhibits

When it comes to online exhibits, it seems that Omeka offers the best way to display information and is highly recommended for museum professionals. Omeka provides various showcase websites as examples of some of the possibilities when using their services. Two of these sites are for Humboldt Redwoods Project and The Latina History Project. The […]

Obstacles to Historical Scholarship

The question of whether academic scholarship should be accessible to all is a complicated one. In his article, “Should Scholarship be Free?,” Roy Rosenzweig posits that it should and I agree. It doesn’t make sense that only those who can afford to pay for access to databases or are affiliated with academic institutions are able […]

Digital Research

Considering I’m still coming off of my 11-year school hiatus, I find that when it comes to research, my first instinct is still to seek physical sources such as books and original documents. However, there is an abundance of information available on the Internet. I am forcing myself to expand my horizons as almost anything […]

Digitizing History

The medium of the World Wide Web changes the practice of doing history in significant ways. The accessibility of the Internet by the vast majority of people allows greater exposure of subject matter. People can now find information easily by doing a quick search. An abundance of sources is available online, including digitized versions of […]

A Little Background Information…

Although I am currently a graduate student in Public History, a year ago I did not even know that this field existed. Even though I majored in History as an undergraduate in college, I had spent the previous 11 years working in the professional world, mostly in finance. I had always planned on returning to […]