A Little Background Information…

Although I am currently a graduate student in Public History, a year ago I did not even know that this field existed. Even though I majored in History as an undergraduate in college, I had spent the previous 11 years working in the professional world, mostly in finance. I had always planned on returning to school but it was not until I found the M.A. in Public History program at Central Connecticut State University that I finally made the move.

I have always had an interest in history. I find it fascinating to hear all the stories of what happened in the past and how things used to be. For example, I like to learn how historical artifacts were originally used and how older buildings were originally laid out. Hearing the broader historical narratives is also extremely important as it helps us understand the world around us.

I would not say that I have a lot of experience with digital tools or social media (other than Facebook and, more recently, Snapchat). I have never created a website, I do not tweet, and before this, I had never written a blog post, which is why I decided to take a course on Digital History.

In the Public Historian course that I took in the fall, we learned about the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to historical resources. Making history digital is an important part of getting the information to the public, especially those that are well versed in social media and able to access information through the Internet. In this class I hope to become comfortable presenting historical information in different ways in order to be able to use these abilities in a Public History position in the future. Every Public Historian needs to have digital history skills and experience in their toolbox.

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